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Local Listings 101: Google Maps Strategy for Dental Office Visibility

Local listings are “profiles” of your dental office that provide information about it. Most local listings include your practice’s name, address, phone number, and hours of operation. Dentist profiles that are well-populated with photos and supplementary content frequently have higher search engine visibility and greater patient interaction. Popular directories like Google My Business, Healthgrades, and Yelp are certainly familiar to you, but there are hundreds of more local listings online. 

But do you need local listing management?

You already know that local SEO is crucial to your success as a dentist. Local listing management, often known as online business directories, is one of the measures you may take to boost your local SEO approach. So yes, you absolutely need local listing management.

Let us talk about and learn more about local dentist listing management.

What Is Local Listing Management?

Dental local listing management is the process of constantly updating and verifying the contact information for your dental businesses listed on websites and other online directories. This is vital for both offline businesses like your dental practice and internet enterprises because your local listing has a direct impact on search engine rankings.

Dentists must keep monitoring their web listings on Google and other search engines. Incorrect information can lead to lost patients, so examine what’s available online about your practice.

Why Is Local Listing Management Important?

According to BrightLocal, 80% of customers lose trust in a local business if the contact information is incorrect or inconsistent, and 40% would give up looking for a local business they couldn’t find online because the address was incorrect. 

Local listing management can help you avoid happening to this to your practice. It can also be a step towards reputation management for dentists

Who is Your Audience?

As a dental practice, your target audience is the people living in your region. Local Listing management can help you find these patients. Local customers will find it easier to find your local business if you list it. Managing a business in dental local listings directories makes it easier for your clients to find your clinic. You are free to provide as many citations as you want. A citation is a location on the internet where your local business is listed. 

How Do I Set Up Local Listing Management for My Dental Practice?

You may technically manage your own business listings, but it can be a time-consuming effort.

A variety of local listing management solutions are available to assist your business in keeping its information up-to-date and accurate across the web. By avoiding the inconvenience of enrolling into several accounts or employing personnel to manage all of your postings, these tools save you time and money.

Many of these systems also have tracking and reporting options, allowing you to keep track of your listings and ensure they’re functioning properly. With so many alternatives available, selecting the best company listing management solution might be difficult. Taking the time to research and select the proper tool for your organization, on the other hand, will undoubtedly enhance your local SEO.

How local listing management works?

Managing your company listings is as simple as three steps:

  • Step 1: Conduct an online audit of your company’s information. This allows you to determine where and how your NAP data is listed so that you may assess its accuracy.
  • Step 2: Correct any incorrect NAP data.
  • Step 3: Monitor your listings on a regular basis to ensure that they are current, complete, and consistent.

Is this all you need to do for local search?

Despite the fact that there are several company directory websites, some websites’ listings are more important than others. When you first begin managing your business listings, you should concentrate your efforts here.

Google My Business

It is critical to make a Google My Business page if you want your company to be found across all Google platforms. This profile also includes a Google Maps business listing, which is useful when people use Google Maps to find locations to visit. A Google My Business page improves your search engine rating, allowing you to appear higher in local searches. This free resource is one of the most significant assets in your company.

Facebook Page

You can reach over 2.6 billion active Facebook users by creating a free business page. Because Facebook has access to its users’ location and demographics, your company will appear in relevant searches. You can also include a description of your firm, photos, and a link to your website on your Facebook business profile.

Listings in Your Niche Directories

Niche directories are basic directories that exclusively include companies from specific niches.

The goal is to be included in a few high-quality, specialized directories to boost your visibility and SEO. Consider your link in these directories to be similar to a link you may acquire in a piece of content. It demonstrates your authority and places your website in front of a targeted audience. Listing in numerous dental directories is an excellent approach to accomplish this.

Essential Tips for Local Listing Management Optimise for Google Maps – NAP

Setting up a Google My Business (GMB) account is priority number one for SEO since it tells Google and Google Maps where your business is situated provides other essential business information and populates the Google Knowledge Graph panels that appear when consumers search for your business. Setting up and filling your Google My Business page allows your company to appear in Google’s local search results, Google Maps, and general search results.

Make a Great First Impression

When you create a structured local business listing on Google, Facebook, Yelp, or anywhere else, you’ll be filling out a form with particular elements like Business name/title, Address, Phone number, Website URL, Categories, and more.

If you’re manually creating your citations, make a document with all of these fields pre-filled with your exact information to maintain consistency and avoid mistakes. This will allow you to be consistent across all of your listings and make an excellent first impression.

Stay in Control of Your Listings

To find new businesses, shoppers use search engines like Google or Bing, city directories like Citysearch, review sites like Yelp, and smartphone apps like Foursquare. However, some of these postings are generated automatically and may contain incorrect or out-of-date information. That is why it is critical to stay in control of your internet listings.

Fix & Update Outdated Information

You are not completed just because you have edited your listings once. Every day, new business listings are added, and if your company’s address, phone number, website, or working hours change, it’s critical that this information be swiftly updated across all listings. Track your listings on a regular basis to ensure that your NAP data is consistent across the web.


You must remain consistent over a lengthy period of time to receive the best outcomes from dental local listing management. With these steps, you cannot expect quick gratification or achievement. Even if you do not achieve featured business status, following this procedure will swiftly propel your local business to higher Google Maps ranks.


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