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Smile Studio Newstead, QLD

Client Since: 2020

Dr Cate had just opened here practice which didn’t have any street frontage & had failed to develop a system to consistently attract patients after her own attempts.


Being a Cosmetic focused clinic we used the power of social media to build her dental brand and build her reputation as the go to cosmetic dentist in Newstead.

  • First 12 Months: Dr Cate received 420 new patients plus 35 Invisalign cases & generated $600,000 in production.

  • Second 12 Months: Practice delivered over 100 Invisalign cases and Dr cate was awarded Platinum Invisalign Provider.

Courtney Dental, QLD

Client Since: 2019

Dr Craig had just hired 2 new associates to help grow his practice but didn’t have enough new patients enquiring to fill their books.


We developed their go to market messaging, service packing and new patient offers to set them up for success. Then we leveraged a combination of  Google SEO with a brand focused Social Media strategy to fill their books.

  • First Month: Generated 65 new patients to fill the young associate’s book immediately.

  • First 12 Months: Increased and maintained a 25% increase in his practice total production and has partially stepped back from his primary role.

  • Second 12 Months: Pivoted the focus of the advertising away from high patient numbers and instead towards attracting High Production service patients

The Dental Practice, NSW

Client Since: 2019

Dr Sam had invested into relocating & renovating his entire practice in order to add more chairs and provide a greater experience for his patient’s but didn’t have a reliable strategy to bring in new patients.


The solution was simple, create a compelling message for each services he wanted to grow the patient numbers for and use an omnichannel approach to deliver the message to the right people at the right time on the channels that suit them best.

  • First 12 months: Generated a minimum of 40+ patient registrations for dental implant-related services each month for the entire year.

  • Second 12 months: Pivoted the marketing to focus more on his associate providers, which brought In 30+ patients each month from every service from General, Emergency to all Cosmetic type treatments.

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Dr Cate Gerber

General & Cosmetic Dentist

“It’s revolutionised how I run and operate my practice and we are now on track to deliver over 100+ Invisalign cases this year”