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Boost Your Dental Practice: Digital Content Marketing

One would assume that being a dentist would pretty much ensure a long line of customers outside your clinic. But the truth is that people are as apprehensive about visiting a dentist as they show in the movies! Naturally, this means that dentists need to focus on marketing their products and services through various avenues as well.

In today’s day and age, digital marketing is a reliable way of building customer engagement. Moreover, more and more medical practitioners are taking to social media to share information and awareness about their field of expertise. 

Doctors and dentists now want to push their online presence way beyond just a website. Many medical experts have taken to Instagram and TikTok, WordPress and any other channel that helps them leverage content to educate patients, build awareness and, of course, help with marketing. 

Online marketing for dentistry has been trending over the last few years, and it is vital for you to do the same with your dental practice. 

What is content marketing for dentists?

Technically speaking, content marketing has been around for ages and ages, but it has blown up exponentially in the last decade because of how popular apps like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram are and the potential for businesses of every size to advertise on these platforms. 

To put it simply, content marketing is a method of digital marketing that leverages content that includes but is not limited to blog posts, videos, infographics and podcasts to engage customers in a way that promotes a brand, business, or in your case, a dental practice.

It is definitely incredible to see the way the internet has boomed over the last few decades, but with that come higher stakes and standards. It truly takes a lot of effort and luck to stand out on the world wide web. Your content has to have a plan and must be of high quality. It must be interesting, engaging and consistently good. 

In the case of a dental practice, it is ideal that your content educates your patients, answers their questions, allays their fears and keeps them entertained. The minute you create value for your customers through your content, you keep them engaged and interested in consuming your content regularly and trusting you as their dentist!

Are you a dental practitioner who is looking to expand your online content without knowing how to do it? Look no further! This article will take you through the dos and don’ts and must-haves for your online content. 

How does dental content marketing help dentists?

Like all forms of marketing, the main aim of online content marketing is to attract more business by increasing the size of your client base. When dental practitioners share high-quality content that reaches the right people, they are able to bring in many more clients. Good content doubles as a lead generation service that lets dentists find the patients who are seeking out their services. 

Online content marketing also works as an amazing tool to change people’s perception of dentists, instilling a sense of faith in them. Here are the many ways in which online content marketing for dentists helps them:

Reach the right audience

People usually visit their dentist when they have a toothache or a visible problem. But the fact is that there are many preventative measures that can be taken to ensure a customer does not reach the toothache stage. The right content marketing strategy helps you target both these types of audiences to create an ideal audience. 

If you have blog posts with SEO-specific keywords, you can ensure your page is at the top of Google’s search. The same applies to using the right hashtags for your posts and audio for your videos on social media. If you are willing to spend, you can also invest in advertising across these platforms. 

Quality content improves visibility

You must have noticed how your Instagram feed is often filled with well-curated pictures and videos. This is no coincidence. The Instagram algorithm prioritises high-quality content. That means that you can gain a lot of online traction and visibility on various platforms simply by posting and uploading great online content. 

Build a community

Do you know how influencers and bloggers have fan bases? Medical practitioners can too! Just take a look at how popular Doctor Pimple Popper’s videos are. The California-based doctor, also known as Dr Sandra Lee, has amassed many ardent fans, not only building up her clientele but also helping her launch a line of skincare, get her own TV series and make an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. 

Build a strong reputation

As a dentist, when you make consistently good online content, you get the opportunity to become a respected authority in dentistry. Building on this foundation of credibility can boost your business and client base like never before. If you are transparent and approachable, your viewers will begin to trust you and thus, you stand a stronger chance of converting them into clients. 

Stand out from the crowd

It is no secret that the globe is populated with many great dentists and dental practices out there. You might be wondering how to stand out in such a highly-populated industry. This is where the magic of content marketing comes in. Online marketing content for dentists uses various tools to make your practice stand out in an extremely competitive market.

Adds value to potential patients

Content marketing lets you bring new leads while providing value for your existing customers at the same time. How? Because the content you are uploading also serves to inform them and keep them updated about new products, services and technologies in your clinic. 

Content formats that boost your content marketing efforts

There are many different formats that you can put to use to boost the content marketing for your dental clinic. A combination of these formats can help elevate your content marketing game. Some of the different formats are:


Blogs are a great way to ensure your website content is optimised for Dental SEO. Essentially, this allows your website to rank higher on the results page generated by a search engine. Creating blogs for your dental practice entails having a content plan and also knowing which keywords are important for your practice. 

The copy for your blogs has to be well-written, informative and engaging. It also does not hurt to include relevant photos and illustrations. In case you are not as good with words as you are with a scalpel, you can always outsource your content to professional writers. 


Infographics help make complex online content easier to consume, and applying this to your dental practice can work wonders for you. You can either outsource the designs to a graphic designer or use online designing tools to create infographics that capture the attention of your target audience. Make sure your design is contextually relevant, based on facts and uses the right colours, shapes and fonts. 


FAQs, also known as frequently asked questions, are one of the best content formats that you can put to use. Through videos, static posts, newsletters, website content and online brochures, you can explain procedures to clients to help them prepare better or to pique their interest in your services.


The biggest rule in social media marketing in 2022 is that video content is king. Statistics have confirmed that consumers have a higher preference for online videos. Your social media feeds across many platforms are flooded with videos, and yours needs to join them! Making short, informative videos help potential contents engage with your brand frequently. Today, it is also not difficult to create high-quality videos as long as you have a good phone camera, great lighting and a strong camera presence. Start uploading videos to YouTube, Instagram and TikTok and watch your conversion rates skyrocket. 


Newsletters are an excellent way of keeping your clients regularly updated about your dental practice. They are a superb channel to help you engage with existing customers and strengthen their loyalty to your brand. Another benefit of a newsletter is that you can include links to social media platforms, websites or blogs that might be useful to them. 

Case studies

As a medical practitioner, sharing case studies with your customers helps increase your sense of authority in the industry. Case studies also work to inform your clients of previous successes that you have had with certain procedures, services and technologies. This increases both their awareness of the subject matter and their trust in your abilities. 

Include your credentials

Do you trust sources that are official, influencers that are verified and referrals that have been vetted? In the same way, people trust doctors or dentists based on their qualifications and credentials. That is why it is crucial for you to share these credentials with them in your online marketing content. Include your license, certifications, practice areas, experiences, awards and memberships. Add as many as you have actually acquired but do not ever lie about any of the above qualifications, as that will harm your practice in a big way. 

Dental content marketing don’ts

There are a few mistakes you should avoid making while creating your online marketing content. Here are a few of them: 

  • Make sure your website is optimised for mobile phones as well. Most business owners focus on making their website perfect for a computer but ignore optimising it for smartphones. Check that your website loads well and looks great on the phone, and you will be good to go!
  • Prioritise quality over quantity! While you can upload content frequently, you should not do it just for the sake of doing it. Your content must be well-planned and well-executed to make a real impact on the people consuming it. 
  • Do not over-promote your brands, products or services! People will get sick of seeing excessive promotions and will stop engaging with your online content. 

There you have it! Now that you are armed with the basics of online content marketing, it is time for you to apply it to your dental practice and watch your business soar to new heights.


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