Single Communication Channel for dentists

Make it easier to communicate with your patients no matter the channel or social media platform they use.


Consolidate all online communication channels with our Conversation feature.

Dentalengine centralizes every channel that patients use to communicate online with you into one easy-to-use Conversation Portal so you never miss an online enquiry again.

Consolidate all platforms

We take FB messenger, Instagram chat, Email, SMS, Call and GMB Chat and bring it together in one centralized portal so you can easily respond to new enquiries anytime, every time wherever you are.

Communicate effectively & efficiently

Get notified as soon as someone writes to your practice across any of your online communication mediums and reply back just as easily.

Convert conversations into bookings

Provide professional customer service anytime, every time and then book patients in with their appointment with just a few clicks.


Frequently Asked Questions

Dental SEO is a marketing strategy that can position your practice’s website at the top of Google’s list for when people search for a dentist.

Is your new patient numbers lower than you’d like right now?

Are you only receiving a few phone-ins and walk-ins each week?

How would you like to be the first practice people find when they are searching online for a dentist?

Then chances are you are a good candidate to leverage the power of Dental SEO so your website can be found when your potential patients search for a dentist.

Nearly 46% of all searches made on Google are seeking local information and 88% of consumers who do a local search on their smartphone visit or call that business within a day. (Sources: GoGulf, Nectafy)

Because there are hundreds and in many cases thousands of searches each month for dentists in local areas Dental SEO can be very profitable.

Many businesses today provide SEO for dentists but to ensure you find a provider that can really deliver you quantifiable results it’s in your best interest to work with a team that is also experienced in the dental industry.

Working with a Dental SEO Agency with years of experience means they not only understand Search Engine Optimisation but they also understand how the dental industry works.

Because SEO can be very difficult to understand if you have little previous experience, it’s always important to ask if they are any guarantees associated with the campaign. This way you will be safe if anything doesn’t go according to plan.

This question has man answers which all depend on the type of strategy you execute. That being said, if your strategy is focused on making your clinics website dominate the local area, you can often see results within 30-90days. We call this “POP TO THE TOP”


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Dr Cate Gerber

General & Cosmetic Dentist

“It’s revolutionised how I run and operate my practice and we are now on track to deliver over 100+ Invisalign cases this year”